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Diabetes food taboos

Diabetes food taboos
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Diabetes food taboos:

(1) avoid direct impact of food on blood glucose sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar, glucose, maltose, honey, chocolate, milk, fruit sugar, candied fruit, canned fruit, soft drinks, a variety of commercially available fruit juices, sweet drinks, ice cream, sweet biscuits, cakes, jams, sweet bread and a variety of cakes and other sugar manufacturing. High sugar content of these foods, eat it will cause a sudden rise in blood sugar.

(2) limit the impact of food on blood glucose control of diabetes is bad, often caused by lipid metabolism disorders, hyperlipidemia occur, it is important to prevent diabetes elevated blood lipids, which in the future to prevent the occurrence of heart and vascular disease has a positive meaning. Food has to be strictly limited butter, suet, lard, cream, butter, fat, brain, sheep brain, bovine brain, egg yolk, egg, liver, chicken liver, kidney, bovine kidney and other part of the animal organs.

(3) Ji Jiu type of wine for people with diabetes is fasting, alcoholic the alcohol contained in the body will produce a lot of heat, and long-term alcohol consumption on the liver is also negative, and tends to rise in blood triglyceride high. Wine of taking sulfonylureas (eg glibenclamide, chlorine, sulfur C gills, etc.) of the patients, will produce palpitation, shortness of breath; cheeks flushing and other side effects; of patients use insulin, such as alcohol can cause low blood sugar fasting. Hardening of the arteries of people with diabetes and high incidence of hypertension, early age of onset, rapid progression of the disease, long-term drinking will accelerate the development and progression of early disease, have a negative impact on the body.

(4) quit smoking smoking can stimulate the adrenal gland to release more adrenaline, the blood vessels, and inhibit the secretion of insulin, the blood sugar to rise. Especially when the mood swings, some people are more hard-smoking, which is fueling the rise in blood sugar causes mood swings and smoking also help blood vessels, adrenaline secretion, blood glucose increased. In addition, smoking a stimulating effect on the respiratory tract, will have throat and bronchitis, chronic inflammation also cause hyperglycemia.

(5) Avoid foods rich in starch, these foods have a significant impact on blood sugar, such as potatoes, sweet potato, lotus root starch, taro.

(6) fruit fruit of diabetes is the most attractive thing, can not eat fruit, mixed congregation, reported that people with diabetes to Yi watermelon, pears, bananas, bayberry, etc., because they contain carbohydrates fructose, pectin, fructose metabolism in the normal process does not require insulin, pectin and the experiment proved that there is delay glucose absorption, in this sense, the fruit is edible. However, these fruits also contain glucose and starch, the clinical response to the discretion of the situation is many people blood sugar after eating fruit, generally increased 1-2mml / L (18-36mg%), results from this practice is the fruit should not eat. Glycemic control in diabetic patients as well, then. In between meals (3-4 PM time) to eat a small amount of fruit, so will not have much impact on blood sugar.

(7) avoid tonic with sweet, diabetic patients because of poor health, often want to tonic, tonic, it is necessary for people with diabetes. However. There are many supplements are sweet, such as ginseng royal jelly, royal jelly oral liquid, containing chamomile and honey-based Titan, glue (animal skin glue, antler, etc.) are considered nourishing creams should not take the goods. People with diabetes who are more yin deficiency heat, must check against taking ginseng, Yin who should not use red ginseng, Korean ginseng, often leaves patients with post-"anger" increases, the deficiency is more severe heat of the card. If patients want to tonic, can be under the guidance of doctors, with some of Sun-dried ginseng, American ginseng and other side of the flavor varieties of cool calm. In addition, the concentrated sun god no sugar, can also be taken.

(8), diabetic patients should not eat too much wheat. The crystal contains a lot of double-sugar after eating allows the body's blood sugar, increase the amount of diabetes disease.

(9) of barley with diabetes should not eat too much. Barley contains rich carbohydrate, 66.3 grams per 100 grams, food can increase blood sugar in diabetic patient's condition.

(10), diabetic patients should not eat too much oatmeal. Per 100 grams of oats containing 66.7 grams of carbohydrates, increased significantly after consumption of glucose in diabetic condition.

(11) buckwheat diabetes should not eat too much. This product contains 100 grams per 73.4 grams of carbohydrates after eating may aggravate the condition of diabetes.

(12), diabetic patients should not eat too much rice. Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates, contains 75.5 grams hectogram meters, more food can raise blood sugar in diabetic condition.

(13) rice After taking corticosteroids should not eat. Glucocorticoids can inhibit the glycolytic promote gluconeogenesis, the body's blood sugar levels within a rapidly increased, so after taking the hormone fast food with high sugar content, sugar content of the grain, after eating can induce diabetes. diabetic patients should not eat too much. This product contains 100 grams per 76.3 grams of carbohydrates, blood sugar after eating can lead to increased in diabetic condition.

(14) Ji m diabetes should not eat. Diabetes eat sugar and more food, this product is rich in sugar, can aggravate the condition of diabetic patients, diabetic patients should not eat it. taking corticosteroids should not be consumed immediately. After taking corticosteroids can increase the body's blood sugar rapidly, if the medication immediately after eating sugary foods more likely to cause diabetes. Ji m sugar minutes more. Therefore, corticosteroids should not be taking immediate consumption.

(15) diabetes should not eat corn. 72.2 hectogram corn sugar grams, consumption can increase blood sugar in diabetic condition. When taking corticosteroids should not be eaten. Glucocorticoids can promote gluconeogenesis, inhibition of sugar decomposition, so that the body's sugar increase rapidly. when taking tolbutamide unfit for human consumption. Toluenesulfamides D is a hypoglycemic drug in urine; taking Jifu when food with high sugar content, sugar content of the product, taking Toluenesulfamides D with high sugar content in urine when the food will reduce the efficacy of food;

(16), diabetic patients should not eat sorghum. Sorghum is rich in carbohydrates, containing about 75.8 grams hectogram, consumption can increase blood sugar, increase the diabetes disease.

(17) Sweet Potato diabetes should not eat, the more points crystal sugar after eating can increase blood sugar in diabetic condition, it is unfit for human consumption. those taking corticosteroids should not be taken, glucocorticoids have elevated blood sugar, high sugar content of the product, food is easily excited diabetes;

(18) Gefen diabetic patients should not eat. Gefen contains rich in sugar, can increase blood sugar in diabetic patients with the disease.

(19), diabetic patients should not eat beans. Beans contain more carbohydrates, more food can increase the diabetic condition.

(20), diabetic patients should not eat lotus root; diabetic patients eat foods with high sugar content.

(21) ketoacidosis patients should not eat tofu. Patients with severe diabetic ketoacidosis is a complication of the disease dietary protein intake should be strictly limited, because the protein amino acids, phenylalanine and leucine can generate ketone bodies in the body and increase the acid poisoning, it is not appropriate for human consumption.

(22) Wuji ketoacidosis patients should not eat. For fat and protein amino acids such as tyrosine, phenylalanine and leucine were

(23) snail ketoacidosis patients should not eat. Severe diabetic ketoacidosis is a complication, can also be found in infectious diseases, A, Kang, pregnancy and so on. Ketoacidosis protein intake should be limited, because the amino acids in proteins in the body produce ketones can be aggravated by acidosis; snail as a high-protein food, it should not eat.

(24) in patients with diabetic ketoacidosis should not be drinking milk. Protein amino acids can produce ketones in the body, increasing acidosis.

(25) diabetic patients should not eat apples. Diabetes, islet function decreased less sugar utilization and conversion, blood sugar disease. Apples are rich in fructose, experiments show that in normal circumstances, can significantly increase blood sugar, diabetics, the insulin will increase the burden of the B cells, blood sugar is more elevated, the condition worse.

(26) diabetic patients should not eat oranges. Orange is rich in fructose, consumed in diabetic condition.

(27) diabetic patients should not eat grapes. This product is more sugary, food can increase the burden on the pancreas, in diabetic condition, diabetic patients should not eat it.

(28) diabetic patients should not eat watermelon.

(29) with diabetes should not eat melon.

(30) sugar diabetes food taboos.

(31) diabetic patients should not eat coconut.

(32) patients with diabetes should not eat water chestnuts. Water chestnuts contain more sugar, elevated blood sugar and eat more easily increase the diabetes condition.

(33) Mangosteen diabetic patients unfit for human consumption. Mangosteen is rich in fructose, edible hand can lead to elevated blood glucose, diabetes exacerbations.

(34) jujube diabetic food taboos. Patients with diabetes should eat less sugar foods, high sugar content of the grain, food taboos diabetes.

(35) Chestnut diabetes and glucocorticoid services should not eat. Chestnut higher sugar content, hectogram about 40 grams of food will aggravate the disease in patients with diabetes, those who eat glucocorticoid service is likely to cause diabetes, so patients with diabetes and services when corticosteroids should not be eaten.

(36) diabetic patients longan meat unfit for human consumption. Longan contains more glucose, sucrose and other sugars, the body after eating can lead to hyperglycemia and diabetes exacerbations.

(37) honey, food taboos diabetes.